How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?Having high-quality and updated windows can help control the temperature of your home with greater efficiency, funnel in natural sunlight, and add an element of style and aesthetic. If your windows are not working correctly or not what you want them to be, a window replacement is the natural next step (While avoiding the usual window replacement myths circling around).

A few of the primary reasons why people replace their windows include age and defects, as no one wants a broken window or an outdated window installed in their house. Many people who want to elevate the design of their home will also introduce new windows of a different style. Windows that don’t work properly can even threaten the safety of a home, and thus having windows that are sturdy and locked are essential especially during the winter months you must prepare your windows and doors.

Replacement Costs by Window Type

Here are a few options for those looking to replace their windows, as well as cost. The price of replacing a broken window is contingent both on the type of window and how its installation.

Casemate Windows

A casemate window is a tall, narrow window whose frame can swing outward. It typically utilized a crank to open, which can also lock it in position. These types of windows are great for ventilation and can be used all over the house for airflow. To replace this type of window, it costs anywhere between $250 and $1,850, depending on the materials and size used for replacement.

Sliding Glass Window

A sliding glass window is usually a double-pane window that opens up by sliding one pane of the other pain. This type of window is relatively easy to clean as it provides a lot of open space. It is usually installed on the side of the house that gets a lot of sunlight or has a scenic view. This type of window is anywhere between $200 and $1,500 to replace.

Bay Window

A bay window is a much larger window that is mainly meant to provide a viewing place for something scenic. A typical bay window has three large panels, which are angled so you can stand or sit in the area between. They are also handy for funnelling natural light in the home. As these windows are much larger and more complex, they can be about $3,000, on average, when replaced.

Bow Window

A bow window is categorized similarly to the bay window. It reaches out, extending past your home, which can be great when looking at a view, growing plants on a windowsill, and funnelling light into your space. It actually provides more light than bay windows because of their design, and are generally a bit smaller. To replace a bow window, it costs between $1,300 and $5,900.

Awning Window

An awning window is most similar to the casemate window. However, it is kind of like a casement window has been flipped on the side, as the hinge rests on the top, and it swings upward and outward. They are primarily used in basements, as they are relatively small in height and can funnel a lot of natural light through a relatively small space. They cost between $250 and $1,850 to replace.

With these types of windows and their costs, consider Ontario Windows & Doors for affordable replacement windows for your home including door and 2-storey houses.